Hoodwink's trademark mix of physical comedy, visual flair, and fantastic music. A clock tower animated by the mechanical genius of Andy Plant who created the walking, jumping table in Gastronomic. Two characters who chime the hours in the clock tower cope with sabotage by mice, an ailing cuckoo, and a dangerously over wound mainspring! Off beat, non verbal and striking images - a funny and ingenious show that will delight all ages.

Please contact us to be sent a dvd of the show.

The show is approximately 40 minutes long and requires mains power.



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GASTRONOMIC is an elaborate outdoor theatrical feast. Two waiters try to serve lunch to a solitary diner but are thwarted by flies in the soup, exploding fish, runaway puddings and a table that literally walks off in disgust! Elegance and etiquette rapidly descend into an epic finale of custard pies with slapstick comedy, song, dance and fantastical visual theatre. The non verbal, highly expressive style of the show is ideal for the outdoor arena, and a soundtrack of period, popular tunes accompany the action. At the same time GASTRONOMIC is original and off beat, a curious world that makes perfect sense, full of visual delight and strange invention.

".a superb surreal piece of drama. I have seldom laughed so much - this was just so silly, but clever too, with perfect timing, amazing props.all delivered with incredible style and panache."
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