NASA (National Association of Street Artists) is an independent national network of UK-based artists and companies creating work for the street and other outdoor contexts. It works to enhance the profile of street arts in the UK and to develop professional practice through networking, peer support, information sharing, discussion forums, collaborative projects and advocacy.
Hoodwink are resident at Salisbury Arts Centre – a thriving venue for theatre, music, dance and much more with a busy, child friendly cafe serving great food.
Andy Plant has made the fantastic walking table used in Gastronomic and created the entire spinning, levitating clock tower for Tock Tick.
Bryan Tweddle has created the beautiful set for Pleasure Garden as well as many other pieces of set and props for other productions, including an enormous cake built onto the company vehicle! Bryan also offers invaluable advice as Chairman of Hoodwink’s board.
Jeremy Avis has written and played some of the delightful music for the Tock Tick. As well as a composer and instrumentalist he is also a talented singer and actor, performing with, amongst others The Shout, and Josh Elwell and Company.
Gina Hills has produced great soundscapes and music for many of Hoodwink’s shows.